Trusted partner in prosperity.

“Our ideal client is one who believes in the firm’s all-encompassing investment philosophy. In managing wealth, diversification is still the foundation.”

Mark Iwamoto, Chief Investment Officer

Significance beyond success.

"After almost a decade of working for a large investment firm, I started Apriem to focus on relationships and purpose. Growing up in a large family, I learned the importance of communication and teamwork."

Harmon Kong, CFP Chief Wealth Manager

Where prosperity meets peace of mind.

Wealth. Happiness. Purpose. These elements of prosperity take time. You want to grow your wealth, but you also want to grow the time you have for your family, friends and ambitions.

To the highest degree.

“To me, it’s really about helping clients live comfortably and stress-free, while celebrating life milestones. That is why I do what I do.”

Rhonda Ducote, Senior Wealth Manager

Smart investing.

“We believe we do our best work when we know who our client is beyond their financial statements. Great client relationships doesn’t happen accidentally, they are created with intentionality and a smart investment of time.”

Benjamin Lau, CFA, Portfolio Manager